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It’s time to rediscover eggs. Making breakfast eggs.

Do you have a favorite egg dish? I would have to say that mine is a salmon Benedict with a wedge of avocado and a freshly brewed cup of coffee.  Can you smell it? Taste it? I would bet that you probably have your favorite egg dish as well. But here’s what we both have in common. With eggs, we are getting a very tasty meal and not spending a lot of money to do it. I do the grocery shopping in our home and I have been noticing that our food bill keeps going up. You too?

When I shop for eggs, I get a terrific protein package that provides outstanding nourishment. A single egg has just 75 calories, but 7 gm of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fat, and 1.6 gm of saturated fat, along with iron, minerals, and carotenoids. But buying a dozen large grade “A” eggs from pasture-raised chickens is a no-brainer for me. And I don’t have to tell you that there are so many great ways to fix your eggs. More on that below.

Making delicious egg dishes as a hobby (really)

O.K., so you bought into my idea that eggs are a great meal. Well, yes they are! You can have egg dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But let’s not overdo it. The fact is, you can find a plethora of recipes on how to make the tastiest egg dishes you can imagine. I just came across an article that had the title, “The One Thing That Will Make Your Eggs Taste a Million Times Better.”https://www.purewow.com/food/cook-eggs-in-bacon-grease.” Hey if there’s good scientific evidence for the million times better, I’m on it. Just 100 times would have worked for me. But a million? Wow! I now have the recipe ready to go for a future breakfast.

Eggs w/bacon & pancakes

Cooking is a wonderful hobby for many people. Yes, for some of you, cooking is something you have to do to survive. I get that. But, something magical can happen when you discover cooking can be fun and learning to make a new recipe is both challenging and well worth it when your wife says, “Honey, this is delicious. You can make this for me anytime!” I’m a sucker for lines like that. Does it reinforce my desire to cook more egg dishes? You bet! And I’ll help out with that. I’ll be sharing recipes for you to try to adapt for your lifestyle that you might really love.

Making eggs because of their high nutritional value

I had to do some research on this because in the past, you might remember that at one time, physicians frowned on egg-eaters because of eggs having an association with high cholesterol levels. But further research has shown that you may be able to eat an egg a day with little impact on your cholesterol levels. I usually have six eggs a week. My wife and I have our egg days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—I like routines. But you can do whatever you want! My cholesterol levels remain normal. But hey, if your doctor has told you that eggs are somehow raising your cholesterol, follow his or her recommendations.

But eggs are high in choline which will help make you smarter. Hey, I like that!

Eggs also contain lutein which is very good for eye health.

And, eggs are easy to digest.

Egg dishes are easier to make than you think

One of the first dishes I learned to make as a kid from my mother was a scrambled egg. Add buttered toast and chocolate milk and I became a pro at whipping-up this tasty breakfast. But for some of you, cooking may be more of a chore. And if you’re like me, when I see a recipe with 15 ingredients, my eyes glaze over—that’s when I ask my wife for help if we really think that we have to make that dish. But egg dishes? They’re really not that complicated and most of them cook up pretty quickly. Recipes are a learning process for me as I learn what works best and what doesn’t. Nothing new here, right? But, here’s the best part. Once you have the skill-set down for making a particular recipe, you own it! And, you’ll be comfortable making it whenever you want for yourself or you’re significant other.

So don’t give up! Try out these recipes and let me know what you think. Maybe you have a way to make the dish even better. Hey, no one knows everything about cooking, right? Just leave your comments on the website for a particular recipe.


Eggs dishes have so much potential. We know they’re nourishing, economical, and easy to make. With my website, I hope I’ll be able to send some great ideas your way to delight you or your family, and lower your food bill. Not a bad idea, right? And, I’ll also be sharing some great egg-making tools with you and how to easily get them. I don’t know what I’d do without my egg poacher. But I wish you much success in your egg prep. And just know that I’ll be egging you on in your adventures to develop your favorite egg dishes.

-Brian Sherman,

eggprep founder


Brian Sherman


  1. Agree that egg dish is easy to cook, and delicious too. I love eggs and scramble eggs included. Other types of cooking an egg dish include frying it with onions. My other favorite is to steam it with minced meat. Finally, the Japanese style egg chawamushi is great too.

    • Hey there Jeffrey,
      Thanks for reaching out! I can see your an eggster like me too! My wife wants me to start
      submitting some recipes so I’ll be working on them. I’ll have to Google egg chawamushi
      to learn about how it’s made—sounds exotic and wonderful. Eggs w/onions sounds good too.
      All the best in your success,
      Brian 🙂

  2. Hi Brian, i am glad to be here on your site coz i love eggs so much!
    Our family consumes 6 dozens of eggs every week ( 4 members in the family by the way, so each actually is eating more or less 12 eggs in a week!).
    So, i will be continuing to visit your site to check on recipes of eggs!
    All the best!

    • Wow, Hanna. That’s a lot of eggs. My wife and I do about six eggs a week and generally default
      to doing them poached; however, this morning my wife said she’s ready to go back to my
      scrambled eggs. I’m glad :). Thanks for responding. I’ll be working on some recipes 🙂

  3. Hi Brian,

    As soon as we saw your website, I new we’d be coming back to check it out. My Fiancé and I love eggs too! We go through about 3 dozen eggs per week for a family of 4. In fact, we used 13 eggs today alone! 5 for a vegetable frittata and 8 in a chocolate lava cake I made for desert. I got a, “Honey, this is delicious” too! I also enjoy that feeling as well.

    We do a lot of omelette’s, scrambled eggs and good old fashioned fried eggs. We look forward to seeing some of your egg recipes to try.

    Shelley and Rodney

    • Hey there Rodney and Shelley,

      If there was a competition for the most eggs used per week, you guys would likely win it hands down!
      A vegetable frittata sounds delicious! Yes, I need to get going on some more recipes. Thanks
      for your patience. All the best in your egg-making success. You guys truly are eggsters 🙂

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